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Well, this is what you get! My main area of interest and scientific training is in Comparative Physiology. I explain that as "what makes critters tick, and why they live where they live and not somewhere else". I have also been very interested in music, literature, postage stamps, herbal remedies, and stuff.

I have quit teaching after 50 years of teaching and doing research at various Universities and Colleges. It is time that I divest myself of sundry things that clutter up my life. In fact my wife insists on it. She thinks she should be able to park her car in the garage, etc. I try to reason with her that my reluctance to part with material things is a result of growing up on a Minnesota farm without electricity.  And  food was rationed. But, to no avail.

So, I will amuse and bemuse myself as best as I can.  I will also reacquaint myself with performance music. And, because I can't help it, I will continue to educate others and myself.  I'll also include some family history in case my kids will ever read this.

For the immediate future:

I'm in the middle of writing an introductory college text on natural history.  I am writing this book for non-science majors who need to fulfill a science requirement, and for adults who may be amateur botanists and zoologists or volunteer at wildlife centers, aquaria, etc.

I also lecture every Saturday and Sunday at Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon.  And then, there is a bimonthly newsletter and working on a History of Biology.







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